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Stain removal services in Northamptonshire

Stain removal and protection

Have you had an accident with a cup of coffee or glass of wine? Took your eyes off the kids for one second and now they’ve finger-painted a ‘masterpiece’ on the lounge carpet? Don’t despair, Aardvark Carpet Cleaning are an experienced, professional carpet cleaning company capable stain removal – removing practically any deep, dirty stain at home or in the workplace.

Tricky spots and stains removed

Tea? Coffee? Wine? Juice? Mud? Oil? Pen? Draught marks? Radiator Leak? Got a stain that won’t budge?

Trying to tackle these marks and stains yourself can have a detrimental affect on the carpet or upholstery.

Many DIY carpet cleaning jobs can result in longer term problems or irreversible damage like discolouration, bleaching or damage to the carpet pile or upholstery through the use of overly vigorous cleaning methods.
Aardvark Carpet Cleaning will quickly and conveniently deep clean the problem area for an affordable price.

We can also stain protect your carpets to prevent future stains and hassle.
So whatever has happened to tarnish your carpets or upholstery, contact us to today, or send a photo to get a free assessment from us on your problem areas.

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