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Leading Carpet Cleaning in Wellingborough

Aardvark Carpet Cleaning, Wellingborough

Are you looking for professional carpet cleaners in Wellingborough?

At Aardvark Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to provide the Wellingborough community with high-quality carpet cleaning and overall stain removal services.

We are dedicated to helping businesses and homeowners reclaim their favourite carpets and upholstery so your interior smells and looks fresh again.

Our team of experts services the Wellingborough area and surrounding towns. We rely on professional and powerful equipment to revive your carpet and upholstery, extracting dirt and up to 90% of water so everything will be as good as dry and ready for use again upon completion. Rest assured that our carpet cleaning services are fully insured, fast, effective, so you know your interior decor is in good hands.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

We appreciate that it can be tricky to maintain your carpet. Pet hair, everyday dirt and dust, and liquid stains can go deep into the carpet fibres. They can affect the look and the smell of your carpet. When despite your best effort to vacuum and wash your carpet, you can’t get its splendour back, it’s time to call in professional carpet cleaners.

Aardvark Carpet Cleaning, we ensure we can provide the right type of service for your home and your money:

– Steam cleaning
– Dry cleaning
– Wet cleaning

Wellingborough homeowners can rely on us to deliver both the best value for money and service excellence when it comes to domestic carpet cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Wellingborough business owners appreciate how challenging it can be to keep their premises spotless. Your business carpet faces high footfall and is constantly at risk of spillage on tea and coffee rounds in the office. You want to make a good first impression on your audience group, so you can’t afford to keep stains or dirt on your carpet.

Hiring professional commercial carpet cleaners can transform your business appearance dramatically. Our Aardvark Carpet Cleaning team is committed to servicing businesses of all sizes in the Wellingborough area. We are proud to constantly meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is an integral part of your decor, whether at home or in the business. Unfortunately, sofas, padded chairs, cushions, ottomans, and many other items tend to show early signs of wear and tear when dirt and dust build up.

At Aardvark Carpet Cleaning, we understand that removing unwanted stains and odours from your upholstery is not easy when you can’t wash it with household products. That’s where our safe and environmentally friendly upholstery cleaning service in Wellingborough can help revive all your fabrics, including delicate material.

Stain Removal

Whether it’s wine, ink, or grease, removing stains on your carpet can be tough with household products and solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact professional cleaners who have a long experience in stain management and stain removal in Wellingborough.

Our Aardvark Carpet Cleaning team has the experience and equipment necessary to tackle the most stubborn stains. Besides, if you wish to protect your carpet for longer, we’re happy to sell some of our supplies at a fraction of the cost.

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