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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Burton Latimer

Aardvark Carpet Cleaning, Burton Latimer

Are you looking to spruce up your carpets and restore them to their former glory? Aardvark Carpet Cleaning are professional carpet cleaners in Burton Latimer, providing expert services for the surrounding area.

With many years of experience under our belts, we know the correct techniques to ensure your carpets are refreshed and left good as new. Our powerful machines combined with quality chemicals guarantee we reach the highest cleaning standards possible, extracting up to 90% of water so your carpets are virtually dry on completion.

If you want the best carpet cleaning in Burton Latimer, contact our team today to learn more!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Likewise, we offer commercial carpet cleaning in Burton Latimer for businesses that want to restore dirty carpets to their former glory. Image is everything in the commercial space, so you can’t afford to damage yours with dirty carpets making you look unprofessional.

Let the experts at Aardvark remove all signs of dirt and grime, giving your carpets a fresh look and feel. We even offer complete office cleans, so your entire business can get a makeover from our team.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

At Aardvark Carpet Cleaning, we know that your home can suffer after years of kids running around on the carpets with their shoes on.

Regular cleaning with a standard vacuum cleaner can keep your carpets in good condition, but there’s only so much they can do. With our specialised high-pressure cleaning techniques, we get deep into the fibres to extract dirt and dust that’s been embedded for years.

We don’t use harmful soaps or leave sticky residue; you get a carpet that looks better than it did when you first bought it, and it requires very little drying time!

Stain Removal

Carpet and upholstery stains are extremely common at home or the workplace. Some stains seem like they’re impossible to remove, but they haven’t met the Aardvark team yet! We use tried and tested techniques to help lift stains and permanently remove them from your carpets/upholstery.

Alongside this, we offer treatment options to protect you from future stains and hassle. This includes both removing and protecting your carpets from stubborn mould.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our expertise doesn’t end with carpet cleaning; we offer professional upholstery cleaning that can save you thousands of pounds!

Do you have a sofa or item of furniture that’s dirty and looks worn down? Let us use our expert cleaning techniques to revitalise your upholstery and leave it looking brand new.

See, there’s no need to fork out money on a brand new sofa; all it needed was a deep clean!

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